Here are some examples

Financial Services

  • A leading insurer that needed a complete redesign of their marketing competencies.
  • A multinational bank needing a corporate clients payment infrastructure monitor


  • A leading newspaper wanting to drastically revamp their editorial impact on readers.

Public sector / government

  • A government agency needing a proper handover of a €200m. project/program.
  • A ministry wanting to upgrade the management of its main project portfolio.
  • A national police force that wanted to streamline its entire IT value chain.
  • A national top-3 hospital that wanted to streamline all its staff departments.


  • A leading European FMCG company needing to align 9 brands in 7 countries.


  • An retail trade organization that wanted to upgrade a 1200-store environment.
  • A 150-store chain that required personalized Store Upgrade Plans.
  • A trade organization that wanted to stimulate knowledge sharing among retail chains.


  • A German top-3 utility company that wanted to monitor a division roll-out.
  • An energy company needing to revamp a nearly-failed IT project.


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